Skydive Taupo and SPCA Jump for the Rescue

After 2 years of Auckland SPCA’s successful “Jump for the Rescue” and the SPCA merge into one New Zealand organization in 2017, in 2018 the event was open Nationwide.

Skydive Auckland, and our very own Skydive Taupo represented the North Island in this venture. With a target of $60,000, no one would ever expect that the 118 people who signed up to raise a minimum of $880 for the charity in order to get a free skydive, raised over $102,000!. Rachel, from Napier, was the top raiser, and managed to collect over $4,500 from friends, family, and work mates.

80 people achieved the target, and 32 of them choose to claim their prize in Taupo. Last weekend was busy at the drop zone. The weather was a bit moody, but most people managed to jump, and others chose to come back with their vouchers in a different date.

This is the first year Skydive Taupo hosted the event, but it’s definitely not the last. Their so-called security guard Sky is a rescued cat adopted from SPCA. Sky was a great host over the weekend, and as per usual, the centre of attention.

If you are an animal lover, there’s more next year! More information go to Jump for the Rescue